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The requisite documents for the record pressing


Master Audio files with:

  • catalognumber & cutting position
  • Tracklisting with times
We need 16/24 bit wave files mastered for vinyl cutting process and pdf files for any kind of printing (PDFs 300dpi). Please mark on each file the catalognumber and the later position on the record (A1, A2, B1, ..). Heights above 16 kHz and negative phaseturns are not allowed on a vinyl master. In cutting process we add 2 seconds silence between the tracks automatically. If you do not want any silence between the tracks, so you supply a wave file for each complete side of the record and send us a tracklisting with all Start and End IDs.
We open your own FTP account for data transfer or we receive a link to download from you.

PDF-files for:

  • Labels
  • Cover
  • ggfls. Sticker
Please mark for production process on each label and cover the catalognumber. There must be also the information on the label which is side A and side B. If you prefer a logo side and a info side on the labels, please notice that the logo side will be used on the A side.


Production periods are calculated from receipt of all production documents (files and contract documents).

  • Testpress 3-4 working days + shipping
  • Finished product after your approval 2-3 weeks + shipping
  • Finished product after your approval with Gatefoldcovers 3-4 weeks + shipping


In case of questions of any kind please contact us at any time. With over 30 years of experience in the record industry we will resolve any problem quickly and easily. We try to always improve and optimize our production to meet your needs.